What is the Goal?

Self Realisation, Universal Emancipation.

What is religion?

Self-sacrifice, (Self-abnegation), Self-discipline, Adherence to truth and continence.

What is real Death?

Forgetfulness of the ‘Self’

What is real Life?

Self-realisation, Self-remembrance and Self-consciousness

What are real Virtues?

Heroism, Virility, Manliness and Aspiration for Emancipation.

What are real Sins?

Weakness, Fear (Defeatism), Cowardice, Meanness and Selfishness.

What are real sources of Strength?

Patience, Fortitude and Endurance.

What are real Assets?

Self-confidence, Self-reliance and Self-respect.

What are real Enemies?

Indolence, Slumber, Procrastination, Inertia, Lustful senses and Passions.

What are real Friends?

Energy, Enthusiasm and Perseverance.